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Code of Ethics

For myself – I work for you.  I was elected by you, the citizens of Virginia Beach, and I have great respect for that responsibility.  You deserve the highest level of access and accountability with your representatives and the highest expectations of honesty, fairness and ethics.

Now, more than ever, a government of, by and for the people must be transparent, accessible and accountable to those we seek to serve.

Each problem or issue City Council attempts to address brings its own set of considerations, data and potential differences of opinion. By using the best data available and finding the best practices, I will engage with all interested parties to not only try to find a solution that is agreeable, but also one that is mutually beneficial.

I will be honest and transparent when considering important budget or policy questions. I will carefully consider each viable option available, solicit the opinions of citizens, subject-matter experts and look to other municipalities that have faced similar challenges for guidance in determining our best path forward.

For my campaign – I will hold myself, my campaign staff and volunteers to the highest standards of professional ethics. Together, we will treat everyone with the level of courtesy and respect that is due to every person.

We will not engage in mudslinging or personal attacks on fellow candidates, sitting elected leaders, their families or staff members.

We will listen to everyone’s concerns with an open mind and will make every effort to give honest answers to fair, reasonable questions. We will respect the property of other campaigns and we will only place our campaign signs at locations where we have the property owners’ expressed permission to do so. We also commit to remove our campaign signs immediately after the election. Finally, while we might sharply disagree with our opponents, we will disagree while remaining civil, respectful and ever-mindful that they too seek the best path forward for Virginia Beach.

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