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Affordability + Low Taxes

Rising costs of everything from housing to groceries to transportation is causing real challenges to the affordability of living in Virginia Beach.  We must address these real concerns through tax relief, advancing affordable housing strategies, investing in transportation solutions and increasing salaries by attracting higher paying jobs.


Safe Neighborhoods

Shortages in hiring police, fire and emergency personnel creates real dangers in our community and we have made great progress, from fighting salary compression and implementing a new step pay plan that will attract and retain public safety professionals to Virginia Beach.  Virginia Beach must continue to be one of the safest cities our size in America, for the protection of our citizens and the progress of our city.


Flood Control

I advocated for the successful bond referendum approved by voters to dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to combat flooding and the impacts of sea level rise in our District. I will continue to support this effort by fighting to ensure these important projects are on schedule, on budget, and fully funded.


Supporting Parents and Teachers in Education

Success in education relies on parents and teachers partnering and communicating in promoting all students having the opportunity to fulfill their full potential.  I will work with out school board to make sure schools are fully funded, teachers are paid competitive salaries and that voices of parents and teachers are heard in making education decisions.


Promoting a Growing Economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the Virginia Beach economy and they’ve had a supremely difficult time through the economic turmoil of COVID.  I was a leader in making sure broadbased grants were available to qualified businesses to keep doors open and help get people back to work.  Our Economic Development strategies are strong and will be crucial in helping our economy grow and create jobs we need in Virginia Beach.



Defending Veterans

Virginia Beach is honored to be home to so many military veterans.  They are more than national heroes – they are coaches, mentors, neighbors, volunteers.  They are part of our fabric of what makes Virginia Beach special.  I am fighting for improved health care for veterans as well as job transition efforts and policies that encourage veterans to keep Virginia Beach their home and that celebrate their sacrifice and service.



Protecting our Environment

Virginia Beach is a beautiful city from our shorelines to our rural communities and a diverse strategy is needed to preserve our environmental beauty.

Our agricultural economy is crucial as ever to our future as a city.  We also must keep our bay and beaches clean and support clean energy like offshore wind energy. 




Virginia Beach should be a City of inclusion, where every person is treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve. My City Council service demonstrates my commitment to those principles. A divided city does not thrive. Our future relies on Virginia Beach being an attractive, open, welcoming and safe city for everyone.

We will keep doors open and fight for level playing fields in competing for city projects and contracts, and make sure opportunities are diverse and plentiful.


“I am committed to the safety, health and welfare of not only our public school students, but also to each and every employee of our public school system, while assuring that they have the tools they need and the compensation they deserve.”

- Councilman Michael Berlucchi

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